The first Pantah TT2 winner of the 1980 talian championship   was a barely tuned stock bike.

The Pantah SL

Pantah 500 is where it all begun. The bike had a long and troubled birth, but the result was something that would change the way a motorbike was to be meant. The twin cylinder motor was no more an obsolete, sedate solution, but something that could race against the fours and win.

The bike was first shown at the Milan Bike show in December 1979. The prototype was a departure from many of Ducati’s standards: it had a trellis frame, with the motor suspended under it acting as stressed member, the swingarm was pivoted onto the rear of the crankcase, the SOHC were driven by rubber belts, the primary transmission was via a Morse chain, the front brake was a Campagnolo “Hydroconico”…. But most of all, the claimed performance was impressive: 500 cc, 60 Hp, 180 kg, 1450 mm of wheelbase… significantly different from the previous bevel head V twins, long, bulky and stable, but also from the ill-designed parallel twins, which never achieved interesting performances.



The first Pantah prototipe, presented at the Milan bike show in 1979. It was significantly different from the production bike, but all the good things were already there.